corporate paint party

Corporate Paint Party

An Excellent Way To Bond With Your Coworkers

Looking for an alternative to the same old corporate retreat year after year? Why not a corporate paint party for the whole team! Not only is a corporate paint party approximately 1.21 times more fun than a corporate retreat, but the staff will have their very own wonderful painting for life to remember their time at [insert your awesome company here]. How wonderful it is to be part of the [insert your now even more awesome company again here] team!

Benefits of Having A Corporate Paint Party

Painting Is Very Therapeutic

Art sets itself apart from other therapeutic exercises because anyone can be creative in some form or another.  Anyone can express themselves with paint. If you are creative, it is an exercise in developing creative tendencies. For the non-creative types, painting can be just as an effective break from the daily grind as with yoga, exercise, or meditation.

Our instructors are experienced artists and expert teachers and are there to help guide you and your team every step. If you have any questions at any point, we’re there to help through your entire corporate paint party. We offer a stress-free environment, where coworkers can relax, share a few laughs, and a few drinks for a great bonding experience.

These art events are an amazing experience between you and your coworkers.  

See a side of of your coworkers and employees that you have never before.  At Mr. Paint Party events, many people say that your true self can be seen in the style of your painting (especially after a few drinks.) And the more coworkers means a greater discount, so get the whole team involved for the most memorable corporate event you’ll ever have!

We can come to your office or if you have another location in mind, we’re happy to accommodate however we can. Contact us with the number of people you’re thinking about and we can run through the numbers in a snap right over the phone.

corporate paint parties