Pizza And Paint Party

Have you ever been eating a slice of ‘za at a party only to become overwhelmed with an epic desire to paint beautiful works of art? We’ve all been there, secretly wanting a pizza and paint party, and it’s where we can help!
Pizza, parties, and painting is our thing. Let Mr. Paint Party create the perfect pizza and paint party for you!

A Slice In One Hand, A Brush In The Other

We customize every aspect of your pizza and paint party, right down to the pizza…and the paint! We’ll work with you to create a customized party plan encompassing pizza choice(s), party date, time and location, and the art composition of your choosing! After we’re all set, we’ll take it from there and see you at the pizza and paint party!

Choosing Your Pizza And Paint Pizza

We make choosing the pizza for your pizza and paint party easy with our 3 patented (not really) choices! You can either pick your favorite pizza place, pick any local pizza place or get our teams personal pizza recommendations. And if needed we can take care of the ordering and pizza pick up for you (if not delivered).

Choosing Your Pizza and Paint Artwork

When it comes to choosing the art piece you’d like to paint, we recommend choosing something that both you and your party can casually paint. If you’re unsure what to choose or how hard something might be to paint, just show us what you have in mind and we’ll gladly give you our recommendations.

The Mr. Paint Party team is always ready to help determine what art piece will be a fit for your party. If you have a specific level of difficulty, setting, lightning style, paint style, favorite artist or art piece, simply let us know and we can recommend several examples for your choosing.