Paint Party Pricing

All of our events are priced per person or per pair (for family events.)  Typically, an event last about an hour and a half.  Prices range from $20 per person to $35 per person.  Pricing depends on number of guests, and whether or not the event is being held as a fundraiser or for a non-for-profit organization. See chart for our basic pricing.

Pre-Drawn Canvases

Just Let Us Kow If You Need A Hand With The Drawing Part

It is super-convenient to have your drawing already done for you and nearly guarantees a excellent final-product.  A good painting always starts with a good drawing underneath.  Ideas for a pre-drawn canvas: pets, people, city-skylines, and more.  There is an extra charge fro pre-drawn compositions.  Contact us if you are interested in having your subject drawn on your canvases prior to your event.

FREE Invite/Flyer Design With Every Event

We supply custom-lesson, the instructors, the easels, aprons, canvases, and brushes.  We promote your event together.  If you book an event with us, we even provide FREE flyer/invitation graphic design by our professional design department (printing not included.) Invites can be shared right away and easily online or via email within days of booking your event!

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