Learn New Skills From Painting

It is no longer difficult to find ways to meet up. Online Painting parties are a great way to have a social-distanced get-together.

Try something fun, entertaining, and beneficial for your mind with friends, family, or co-workers.

Bring some ART into your life with Mr. Paint Party’s ONLINE PAINT PARTIES!

Even though we are at home and on a tight budget for entertaining ourselves, Mr. Paint Party offers an easy solution for something FUN to look forward to weekly during the quarantine. (Almost) Every Friday night (and more), I will offer a painting lesson. We will paint seasonal stuff, landscapes, people, animals, cityscapes, and so much more. I’ve got endless painting ideas coming out of my ears!

happy guy making art
  1. Deepen Your Appreciation of Art

If you are a first-time painter, you immediately become aware of how difficult it can be and the patience required to create some of the great masterpieces as soon as you begin. Painting with extreme detail and precision takes an extraordinary amount of time.

sitting woman looking at a painting of a wave
learning how to paint
  1. Become a Better Artist

With Mr. Paint Party, you will develop skills you did not know you already had. You will express yourself and let your inner artist free. By participating and practicing painting, you will improve as an artist. I will show you that if you take your time and treat each step as important as the last, you will see how good an artist you are.

In my painting classes, you will learn valuable novice and intermediate level skills to paint anything you desire. Color theory, blending, paint application basics, and highlighting and shadowing are key elements to begin mastering the craft of painting. Discipline yourself with extra focus on some of my more challenging intermediate and (coming soon) expert-level classes.

  1. Relieve Stress & Increase Your Positivity

Art therapy relaxes people and boost self-confidence. Creating a work of art takes patience, devotion, concentration, and focus. These mental activities take your mind off your daily stresses and increase your sense of well-being. Overcoming challenges on the canvas and seeing the reward of a beautiful artwork can help you overtake mental obstacles in everyday life. You will experience a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see your art on the wall for display.

woman listening to music while painting a flower
woman sitting on the floor painting wavy lines
  1. Enhance Your Creativity

Many people claim that they “can’t draw” or “can’t paint,” well, Mr. Paint Party aims to change that. I believe all people possess innate creativity – heck, even cavepeople painted on walls. So, of course, I encourage creativity. I want to see your imaginative ideas while in any of my classes. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have the most fun when you gain enough courage to stray from the lesson and do something slightly different. 

  1. Improve Invaluable Thinking Skills: Memory and Problem Solving

Unlike spacing out and watching YouTube, participating in an activity that stimulates your brain, like painting along with Mr. Paint Party, can improve your memory. Stimulating activities that require problem-solving, concentration, and focus are considered exercise for your brain. Painting can decrease forgetfulness and helps Develop Problem Solving Skills. These are also excellent skills to have in the workplace, making my online paint parties a perfect opportunity for work retreats and team-building exercises.


a man needing help with a painting

Paint With Others

My virtual classes are perfect for people looking to hang out and paint with other people who love to paint. Also, you are more-than-welcome to join any of my virtual classes to watch me paint. Even when I did in-person parties, many people who attended did not paint but still had a great time connecting with the artists, gathering tips, and witnessing masterpieces in the making.

Join An Upcoming Event

Custom Painting Events

Request your painting ideas or arrange for a private painting lesson for you and a group of friends at any time! Classes are only $10 per person, but I completely understand if that is too much for your wallet. So I offer FREE and NAME YOUR PRICE lessons – check back for FUN painting classes that suit your style and your budget.